Educational Cooperation Project – BARON PALACE CAIRO


Students from Vienna, Cairo and Assiut working on the future of the Palace.

The department of Architekturgeschichte :: Bauforschung (History of Architecture and Building Archaeology) of the Vienna University of Technology in cooperation with the University of Cairo, the University of Assiut and the Supreme Council of Antiquities organizes a students workshop on the Baron Empain Palace in Heliopolis, one of the most iconic buildings of Cairo.

The workshop is going to focus on three main subjects:

  • City Analysis :: the course is finalized to give the students an overview of the surroundings of the building and its urban impact. They will be requested to analyse the core of Heliopolis focussing on different aspects such as historical and architectural topics, materials, public green and public spaces, materials of the urban surroundings and functional topics present in the area around the palace.
    After collecting data and information in Heliopolis, students will finalize the work during the semester in Vienna, focussing on the analysis of the surrounding, pointing out problems and potentialities of the area and ideas for a possible function or use to be hosted in the palace.
  • Building Survey and Building Analysis :: is focussing on the measurement and graphical documentation of the structure as a firm basis for a subsequent historical research. The output of the works are floorplans, vertical sections and prospects at a given scale (1:100, 1:50, details). By measuring, the students start observing constructional and formal aspects of the architecture with the goal of critically comparing the buildings‘ actual status with all kinds of historical sources as e.g. construction plans, descriptions of the building site, general information about the technical or historical background of the object or secondary research output.
  • 3D Scanning :: since many years the department of Architekturgeschichte :: Bauforschung is specialised in building survey using innovative technologies. As a matter of fact, the 3d scanner acquired a fundamental role in both our research programmes and didactical exercises. During the course in Cairo, students will be able to learn handling the 3D scanner, and to work with the appropriate pot processing software. In Vienna they will finalize their works, producing a coloured 3D point cloud.

Final product will be a cd / dvd about the workshop, with data from the city analysis, building survey and 3D scanning.

The results will be presented a first time in Cairo, at the end of the workshop, in order to discuss its output and ideas collected by involving the local authorities. The Belgian Embassy (Dr. Bruno Neve De Mevergnies), the French Cultural Institute in Heliopolis, the Women´s International Peace Movement (Dr. Nagwa Shoeb) and the Supreme Council of Antiquities (Dr. Ramadan El Badri) have been invited to take an active part in the event.

At the end of the semester (February / March) the elaborated data will be presented and discussed in form of a public presentation at the Technical University of Vienna. The Orient Gesellschaft in Vienna will be involved in the organisation of the event.

The project is in cooperation with:
Cairo University, Faculty of Architecture, Engineering Department: prof. Dalila El-Kerdany, responsible for the Centre of Architectural and Engineering Design Support, Cairo University and Arch. Assistant Professor Raghad Mofeed.
Cairo University, Faculty of Archaeology, Dept. of Islamic Archaeology
Assiut University, Civil Engineering Department, Surveying Section: Dr. Eng. Ahmed Abdelhafiz.

December: workshop in Cairo
February/March: conclusion of the work (in Vienna)
March/April: public presentation in Vienna of the results (TU Wien / Orient Gesellschaft)
May/June: completion of the cd / dvd

Prof. Marina Doering Williams
Head of the department Architekturgeschichte :: Bauforschung

Arch. Vittoria Capresi
Responsible of the project
Mobile: 0043 699 18611104
Tel. office: +43-1-58801 25116 // Fax +43-1-58801 25199

Dr. Eng. Ahmed Abdelhafiz
Assistant professor, Civil Engineering Department
Tel. Office:+2 88 2411892 // Mobile +2 16 0275751

Dr. Dalila ElKerdany
Professor of Architecture and Urban Design, Department of Architecture
Director of the Centre of Architectural and Engineering Design Support, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University
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Fax. +20237613807

The project is possible thanks to the support of: